Utica College offers online cybersecurity degreesComputer hackers have recently taken on a new front in attacking company websites in an attempt to affect their bottom line. However, officials from Utica College, located in New York, recently announced its cybersecurity degrees are prepared to help students meet the demands of this growing issue.

The school offers online cybersecurity programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The bachelor’s degree is designed to help students obtain knowledge in critical infrastructure protection, practical digital forensics and information assurance.

Meanwhile, the master’s degree program in cybersecurity focuses on intelligence and forensics. School officials said that this curriculum is designed for industry professionals who want to earn specializations such as cyber conflict, counter intelligence, counter espionage, counterterrorism, counter sabotage and advanced digital forensics.

"We are witnessing a cyber war, the likes of which have not yet been seen," said Randall Nichols, professor and director of the cybersecurity programs at the school. "But the reality is that this is the battlefield of the present and the future."

School officials added that the online master’s degree program has more than six times the expected number enrollees in its first class.

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