CollegeAmerica offers fast track options for student to quickly complete degreeIn today’s fast-paced world, individuals are seeking to obtain a degree and enter the workforce quickly. Many students are taking online classes on their own time while they work full-time jobs, while others are looking to graduate and start careers in high-demand professions.

In an effort to help students graduate in fewer months, CollegeAmerica recently announced a FastFlex program that can help individuals graduate with a four-year degree within 36 months. Officials said that the school offers tracks in business, healthcare, computers and graphic arts.

Furthermore, two-year courses of study can be completed within 20 months. The college offers an associate’s degree in computer programming and bachelor’s programs in computer science, accounting, and healthcare administration at the Colorado Springs campus. Classes begin at the start of month allowing students to enroll and start immediately.

According to Reuters, online education enrollment rose by nearly 17 percent in 2009. Furthermore, nearly 25 percent of U.S. students currently take at least one web-based course.

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