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In my previous post; “Financial aid for moms returning to school part 1“, I briefly talked about need-based financial aid such as FAFSA and loans and grants.  Now I would like to continue on this past by taking a brief look at Federal Work-Study and Non-Work-Study jobs.

Federal Work-Study Programs

According to How Stuff Works  and authors Dave Roos and Jim Belvin, there is a way you can earn money while you are enrolled in school and this is through Federal Work-Study programs.  Wow!  Earning money while you are in school?  Sounds like a very good plan doesn’t it?  This is definitely another financial aid option to consider.  If your FAFSA shows great proof of financial need, a Work-Study job may be the perfect thing for you.  Would you believe you could potentially earn thousands of dollars through this program to help pay for your tuition every year?   Work Study programs pay once a month by your college of choice but the government reimburses the school for the money paid.  Sounds great!  If you are mom demonstrating a financial need, I urge you to apply for a Work-Study program.

Non-Work-Study Jobs

If you find that you do not qualify for the Federal Work-Study program you still can look into campus jobs such as summer employment or internships or co-op education programs.  This allows you the student to work closely with faculty and administrators.  You may not make a whole lot of money but every penny helps especially when it comes to your education.

Have you ever considered Federal Work -Study programs or even Non-Work-Study programs?  If you have ever worked in both categories we would love to hear from you.  Maybe you can offer us some tips and advice upon applying for these jobs.

Next week in part 3 of “Financial aid for moms returning to school” I will be discussing Merit-Scholarships and Local and National Scholarships that you can also apply for.  Stay tuned………..

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  • My daughter worked at both Federal Work Study and Non-work study jobs while in college. Something to remember: if you qualify for work study, be the first to apply for those jobs when you arrive on campus. The jobs go quickly. Another tip: paid internships during college are not just a good way to supplement your ability to pay for college. They offer you the opportunity to network and gain valuable job experience.

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