Rasmussen College offers 20 students leadership trainingOfficials from Rasmussen College, which is located in Minnesota, recently announced the launch of its Leadership Academy. Furthermore, the school has chosen 20 online students to participate in the first class.

The program begins in the spring semester of 2011. College officials said that students will learn about leadership styles, communication and conflict management skills.

“At Rasmussen College, we are dedicated to providing the education and skills training necessary for students in all programs to succeed in today’s dynamic and diverse professional environments. This well-rounded approach often includes exposure to leadership and personal development opportunities,” said Ann Morgan, dean of the online campus regional academics dean

To be eligible for the school’s Leadership Academy, students must have at least a 3.0 grade point average. Furthermore, applicants must supply references and a personal statement showing how they see themselves as a leader and why they think the program will benefit them.

According to a Babson-Sloan report, more than 25 percent of students are currently taking at least one web-based course. Meanwhile, nearly 80 percent of online students are working toward a bachelor’s degree.

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