Previously, I briefly discussed a few financial aid options for moms returning to school.  Options such as need-based financial aid through grants and loans and Federal Work-Study programs and non-work-study programs are available.  Now I would like to conclude with a look at Merit Scholarships and national and local scholarships for moms.

Merit Scholarships

According to my primary source from authors David Roos and Jim Belvin over at How Stuff Works, “Merit-based scholarships are one of the few types of financial aid that aren’t based on demonstrated financial need.”  Students can benefit from the merit-based scholarships based on a few factors which include but are not limited to: strong academics, leadership skills, artistic and musical abilities, etc…..

This form of financial aid is often hard to find but students are still highly encouraged to apply. 

If your college of choice does indeed offer merit-based scholarships, it’s important to research how to apply for this type of financial aid so that you do not miss any deadlines associated with the application.

Local and National Scholarships

According to Roos and Belvin, there are 4 particular places you can find out about local and National awards and scholarships.  Let’s take a brief look at these 4 places for this type of financial aid:

1. You can follow up on organizations, etc. in the comfort of your home.  It’s all in whom you speak with such as parents, friends, or others from corporations and organizations.

 2. The Academic Advisor’s office.  Advisors can provide you with information regarding local and national scholarships and awards.

3. The Library usually provides financial aid information such as scholarships, etc.

4. The Internet is the perfect place to dig up information regarding local scholarships and any other forms of financial aid.

I would love to hear from you if you have applied and qualified for merit-based scholarships or local or national scholarships.  Were they beneficial and did they exceed your expectations for financial aid?

Source: Dave Roos and Jim Belvin at How Stuff Works

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