New Years Toast

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We all make them, we all break them. But what if you actually wrote out your resolutions and fulfilled them? It could change your life — for the better.

Screeeeeeeeeech! Enter children. Now, all of your plans go on hold. You have to live to their schedules, do what they demand and follow their dreams to the detriment of yours.

Okay…maybe it’s not that bad. But that can be what it feels like to be a Mom on New Year’s Eve. You look to the future with such hope — for your children. Yet you know that your life really won’t change that much. (Hey, I’ve got two little kids…I don’t have much free time to myself at this point.)

So I’m making resolutions. I may never fulfill them. But I’ve got to try. Here are my Top Five Resolutions for 2011. I’ll report back from time to time to let you know what happened.

1. I resolve…to actually take care of myself. That means washing my face every night to remove makeup and grape jelly. My complexion was so good before the little people showed up. It’s time to take back the night. I’ll skip the opening segment of “Chelsea Lately” and get the schmutz off my skin.

2. I resolve…to give myself time to learn. I want to know more about today’s world. I cannot hold an adult conversation about WikiLeaks. I don’t know much about international politics. And I’d really like to have more to talk about than my kids.

3. I resolve…to spend more wisely. Lately, we’ve had so many house and car repairs that we don’t what which way is up. It’s time to crack down and get on a budget. Then again, I’ve made this resolution every year since I turned about 16 and got my first job. Hope springs eternal.

4. I resolve…to love a little more. My son’s kindergarten teacher keeps bugging us to “enjoy” our children. I didn’t know you could enjoy parenthood. I’m just trying to keep everyone fed around here without resorting to fast-food restaurants on a regular basis. So I’m going to search out the joy to my parenting job. It’s got to be in there somewhere.

5. I resolve…to give more of myself. I’m tired of people ignored one another. We live in an impersonal world. I want to care about my fellow man/woman. I want to be nice. (Really, this is new to me.) So I’ll help a few little old ladies cross the street and give my kids a break when they’re having a late-night meltdown for one more book.

That’s it for now. What are your resolutions? What will change in 2011?

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