New Year's resolutionsI think many of us can answer this question honestly and openly with an obvious yes.  It is very easy to say we are going to shoot for something life changing in the New Year but how many of us actually follow through with it?  Stick-to-it-tive-ness, this is what we need to successfully triumph with a New Year’s resolution but how can we do this?

Tips for helping you keep New Year’s resolutions

  1. Make sure your resolution is easy to attain, don’t make unrealistic goals this can definitely cause you to break your New Year’s resolution.
  2. Try to set your New Year’s resolution a head of time so that you can write it down and make it plain in your heart.  When you get it set in your mind, it will make the goal easier to shoot for.  If you make a resolution the day before, most likely you will not follow through with it as your mind hasn’t had enough time to process it completely.
  3. Make some sort of list and post it where you can see it everyday, like someone to call or some sort of mind exercise to get you in the habit of achieving your New Year’s resolution.
  4. Make only one New Year’s resolution, one that is most important to you.  If you make too many resolutions, they will become easy to forget and most likely they will become broken resolutions.
  5. Give yourself a break.  Once in a while we just need to do something for ourselves to keep keep us going strong especially with New Year’s resolutions.  For example, for me this past year’s resolution was to do physical workouts everyday with a healthy diet.  I have achieved this but I also allowed myself a yummy treat once in a while to keep me motivated.
  6. Be sure to examine where you are at in the New Year with your resolution.  Has your progress improved or regressed?
  7. Remember, you are only human.  You are most likely going to take a little step backwards but just get yourself back up on that saddle and try again.
  8. Making your resolution a habit will help you achieve your goals. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit so if you can get those 21 days under your belt your New Years resolution is ringing true.
  9. Do not give up even if you feel like you haven’t made any progress.  It’s like climbing a mountain you just have to keep pushing and enduring until you reach the very top.

How about you?  Do you find it easy to stick with a resolution or do you struggle like many of us to keep pushing forward to achieve your goals?  Please share any tips or advice that helped you keep your New Year’s resolution.

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