If receiving financial aid is the key to attending college, you might want to look at your college’s financial aid footprint. Every college reports the statistics related to their financial aid profile. These statistics can tell you how generous they are with their scholarships and grants and also the percentage of students who receive help with their tuition.

The best resource available for these statistics is College Navigator. You can enter the name of the college, or search using criteria such as location, size, and degree plans. Once you’ve pulled up the data, you can use it to compare colleges.

Below is a screenshot of just one university:

As you can see, 61% of the full-time beginning undergraduate students receive aid in the form of grants or scholarships; 59% of students receive that aid directly from the institution itself. Also notable, the average amount of aid received in the form of grants or scholarships per student is $20,706. Since the total tuition/room and board is $46,320, close to half the college expense is covered in the form of grants or scholarships. This particular college is quite generous with financial aid.

Another valuable part of the information available includes the average net price broken down by household income:

All of this information will help you determine a college’s financial aid footprint and give you the much-needed data you will need to make the wisest financial choice. Finding the college with the best financial aid is part of finding that perfect fit college.

Have you taken the time to compare colleges? Is financial aid a vital part of those college comparisons?

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