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Just recently I came across a site called theSimple Mom…Life hacks for home managers.”  Great title for a mom site isn’t it?

Anyways, as I was sitting here reading an article from this site titled “20 Questions for a New Year’s Eve Reflection,” I discovered that I naturally answered them to the best of my ability.  I feel I should share these questions with you and hopefully you will feel free to answer the questions honestly and openly.  Though the article is dated back in 2008, I feel these questions can be relevant for any year.  I have changed the questions slightly based on busy moms of today.  I have also included answers to these questions based on real individuals or personal experiences.

20 Questions according to the Simple Mom

  1. What is the best thing that happened to you in 2010?  I found myself searching other individuals’ answers to this question and couldn’t believe how many sites came up.  One individual over at Yahoo Answers said they lost 80 pounds.
  2. What was your biggest challenge during 2010?  According to author LindaOH over at Toluna she lost her job of 15 years due to the company going bankrupt and was unable to find work.  Maybe you can relate to Linda?
  3. What was something that happened to you this past year that may have brought you unexpected happiness?  A young wife and mother residing in Southeastern Michigan’s husband was promoted to “Operations Manager” of a company after only working there for 2 years.  There were other workers present that have been there for 30 years.
  4. What was an unexpected obstacle that you had faced during 2010?  Many moms over at blog talk radio discuss health challenges they have had to overcome in 2010 such as breast cancer.
  5. Think of three words that best describes 2010.  Erik Wennerstrom from Erik Wennerstrom….connecting the dots, has three words that described 2010 in a nutshell, and I think this can apply to many moms out there…. (1) Deliverance of time (2) Education of self, children, and family (3) Engaging quality time with family when possible.
  6. Pick three words your spouse or family would use to describe you in 2010, don’t ask them just guess.  This one I will answer personally.  Here they are: (1) Busy (2) Productive (3) Emotional.
  7. Pick three words that your spouse or family would use to describe themselves, again don’t ask them.  A older father of two children in Michigan would say (1) Tired (2) Overworked (3) Underpaid
  8. What were the best books you read during 2010?  According to Publishers Weekly here are just a few of the many books chosen as the best picks for 2010: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand,  The Surrendered by Chang-Rae Lee, The Pregnant Widow by Martin Amis, and Self-Portraits by Frederic Tuten………
  9. What relationships did you find most valuable this past year?  A young couple of Chicago, Illinois connected and fell in love immediately.  The young man, (29), never had a girl friend in his life and found the woman whom he is going to marry.  How special is that?
  10. What was your biggest change that you saw in yourself from the beginning of the year to the end of the year? According to Huffington Post,  a 6 year old girl changed the lives of her parents and the people around her by engaging in aluminum can and letter writing fundraisers to help feed the homeless.
  11. In what way or ways did you see yourself grow emotionally during 2010?   Check out Nehemiah’s Notes. It is insight and encouragement from Blaine Smith.
  12. In what way or ways did you see yourself grow spiritually? A young mother of three boys experienced a devastating miscarriage.  She found her spiritual life becoming stronger than ever to get through such a life changing trial.
  13. In what way or ways did you see yourself growing physically? A mother of three children outside Springfield, MO., found her physical changes to be negative as she experienced severe depression.
  14. How have your relationships with others grown this past year? According to the PQ Nation (DC Princess), relationships most definitely go through some sort of growing pains.  PrincessQ (the author of this blog) describes her relationship for this past year as “quite an adjustment” as it is her very first steady relationship.
  15. What is the most enjoyable area of managing your household?    According to a mom over at Shooters Station,  her most enjoyable area was raising her children.
  16. What was your most challenging area of home management?  According to Vineyard Designs,  many moms struggle with keeping their kitchen and dining room organized.
  17. Did you waste any time doing something you have regretted this past year? A young mother in Southeastern Michigan says that instead of cleaning or getting a big paper assignment done she chose to play online games while her children were napping, this was a continual thing.
  18. What was the best way you used your time this year? Personally for myself, using spare time to connect with friends.  This has helped me become better focused on other areas in my life.
  19. What is the biggest thing you learned this past year? Another Yahoo User stated that they learned they cannot change people no matter how wrong you think they may be.
  20. Create a phrase or statement that describes who you were this past year. “A mom’s bucket is always full.”

Were you able to answer these questions or possibly relate to the individuals?  Please share your New Years Reflections.

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