Ashford University offers two new specializations with its masters in education degree programOfficials from Ashford University, which is an online school, recently announced that they have designed and released plans for two specializations that will support its masters in education degree program. Students can now choose to focus on mathematics instruction or family and community services in their studies.

College officials said that the mathematics specialization is designed to increase the ability of potential instructors to teach core math and calculation skills to elementary and middle school students.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for elementary school teachers are expected to increase by 16 percent over the next eight years. Furthermore, the organization noted that job prospects are best for those who specialize in high-demand fields such as mathematics.

The family and community services specialization was created to improve a future instructor's capacity to assist with parental and child challenges. Officials said this program is intended to enable teachers to handle students' non-educational requirements, which will also support children in counseling and social welfare settings

"Through the expertise they will acquire with a specialization in family and community services, graduates of the program will be in a position to assist or collaborate with these organizations that, in turn, support the children in our schools." said Rebecca Wardlow, program director for the College of Education.

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