top 20 new years resolutions 2011Okay moms, now that you have had time to reflect on your New Year’s resolutions what is it going to be? Maybe you have one really big one or a bunch of little ones.  Either way you are ready to ring in the New Year with gusto and a positive outlook on life correct?

I thought it would be fun to examine top 20 of the most common New Year’s resolutions known to man or should I say woman. I follow a blog titled:Iguanasmom where she invites readers to compile this top 20 list.  Maybe you have made a resolution with one or more of these goals and maybe you have succeeded or maybe you have failed in the process.  Is it time for a new resolution, maybe one that is a little bit more realistic?

Top 20 Resolutions

  1. Losing Weight– This has got to be the big one with many individuals.  It is so much easier said than done right?  I have been there multiple times and this past year decided to buckle down and get serious.  If you need encouragement in this area check out Reader’s Digest.  There is a fantastic article on how you can cut fat and calories, portion control, etc.
  2. Exercising– Many moms this day and age are taking up some form of physical exercise whether it be Yoga, Zumba, Kickboxing, etc.  Either way once the resolution is made it can be very challenging to stick to.  According to Jillian Michael’s, “weight loss is a process that is both mental and physical.”
  3. Spend more time with family and friends– The most valuable of relationships are those you have with your family and friends.  This may be a common resolution but it is definitely a good one.  Jenn Sbranti over at Home Work Shop say’s “making time for family and friends should be a no-brainer, right?” The demands of everyday life make it challenging to keep up with this resolution.  Jenn goes on to say that “it’s easy  to find yourself opting for spending quality time with the couch over channeling your inner Martha Stewart.”
  4. Quit Smoking– I am not a smoker but I do know some individuals who do.  For years their resolutions have been to quit smoking but it has been a hard habit to kick.  If your resolution for 2011 is to quit smoking check out “Quit Smoking“, this site shows you 11 ways to keep your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking.
  5. Quit drinking– This time of year is difficult for many people because they are remembering the ones they lost or maybe they lost their job or house, etc.  Because the pain is so great they turn to the bottle.  Maybe you have found yourself in this boat and your New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking and be free of this demon.  Check out Alcohol Rehab Information.
  6. Get out of debt– Check out Wallet Pop for more information.
  7. Buy a home– My New Year’s resolution along with my husband is to buy a new house.  This is going to take a lot of effort on our parts.  Go to Real Estate for tips.
  8. Saving for your retirement– Check out this article over at Ann Arbor Real Estate Talk.  Many Americans are finding themselves struggling to properly save for retirement.
  9. Go back to school– Now is the time to take advantage of this resolution.  Put your right foot forward or you will never return. You may need to take baby steps to get you to this goal but it will be worth it in the end.
  10. Make a career change– Heading back to school may be the primary reason for your possible career change. It is easy to get stuck in a rut.  The Huffington Post has a great article titled: “New Year’s Resolution: 84% Want to find a New Job
  11. Volunteer Work– This resolution may have become a trendy or popular resolution in years past but in all reality, it is a really good one.  There are so many foundations and organizations in need of volunteers. Go to Volunteer Ideas for New Year’s by Joanna Castle Miller over at Suite 101.
  12. To become better organized–  Check out my previous posts “Keeping the busy mom organized.”
  13. To become eco friendly– There is an excellent article on ten eco friendly New Year’s resolutions to choose from.
  14. To Travel– I would love to make this a New Year’s resolution of mine but it’s just too difficult right now, maybe when the kids are older.  Maybe your resolution is to travel more this next year with your family.  Where are some places you would like to visit?
  15. To always be on time– Whether it’s to be on time for work or school, a common but excellent New Year’s resolution is to stop being late.
  16. To watch less TV and read more books- Zoha Natig from Associated Content has a great article on how to discipline yourself in this area.
  17. To find someone special in your life– Maybe this doesn’t apply to you but someone else your life.  There are so many individuals that make this New Year’s resolution because they are tired of being alone.
  18. To simplify your life– Moms and the word simple life just don’t seem to mesh.  Moms are so very busy with hectic schedules and challenges, but maybe there are ways we can simplify our lives to make everything run more smoothly. Go to Aricle Span for a great article on this topic.
  19. To donate personal possessions to charities– This is mine and my family’s New Year’s resolution, mainly with toys and clothes.  Having three children makes it easy for these items to accumulate.  I am sure you can relate.
  20. To take up a new hobby– For 2010 my New Year’s resolution was to take up scrapbooking.  Unfortunately, this hobby failed and I have taken up blogging.  Check out the Craft Blog for making this your New Year’s resolution.

Can you think of any resolutions to add to this list?  Have you been able to stick to past New Year’s resolutions?  Please share with us your past or current experiences.

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