In the midst of a mom’s busy and hectic schedule it is so easy to make simple or even large mistakes along the way like forgetting to pack your child’s lunch or forgetting a doctor’s appointment, etc.  Gosh knows that I have done this countless times.  How about you?  I know I can’t be the only one, right?  Well, these mistakes are forgivable but what about job resume mistakes?  Unfortunately, employers won’t be so forgiving when seeing a “trashy” resume.  As a matter of fact, if it does not look neat, professional, and impressive at first glance, most likely it will be pitched into the trash without a second look.  As a mom, I have learned that if I want an employer to notice my achievements, etc., I need to take time on my resume, it can be done.  Let’s take a look at 10 resume mistakes that should most definitely be avoided on your resume. 

10 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Hundreds of resume mistakes can be easily avoided if you just take the time to proofread or have a professional look over it before submitting to employers.

According to resume writer Katherine Hansen, Ph. D, here are 10 major resume mistakes that should be avoided:

  1. Your resume shouldn’t lack focus.  Show the employer what you want to do and what you are qualified to do.  The resume should be formatted around the position that is being offered.   Make an “objective” statement in your resume like what strong skills you possess.  Plan to include a summary of what you are indeed qualified to do.  Check out this site on how to achieve focus on your resume.
  2. Avoid a duty-driven resume.  Hansen states that “resumes should consist primarily of high-impact accomplishments statements that sell the job-seekers qualifications as the best candidate.”  Focus on what sets you apart from other job applicants.  For example if you are a Physician Assistant, check out Life Tips for a look at another way to avoid a duty-driven resumes.
  3. Avoid putting resume items in order that doesn’t consider an employer’s interest.  People often put their list of past employers by the dates first.  List what’s important to you like the order of your title and position.  Consider putting the date last.  Consider this rule with your education.
  4. If you are at the senior level, avoid listing jobs too far back.  You want to avoid age discrimination by only listing about 15 years worth of jobs.  Don’t add the date of your college graduation if it was more than 10 years ago. Check out this article on how to age proof your resume.
  5. Don’t bury important skills like computer skills at the very bottom of your resume.  Employers want to see your skills right away.  You want to make sure it is on the first page of your resume.
  6. Avoiding bullets.  You want to make sure your resume is formatted in a bulleted style to make it reader-friendly.  Use them consistently.
  7. Avoid overused cookie-cutter design resume templates.  You want your resume to stand out from the rest.  Use one that demonstrates your value to the company you are applying to.
  8. Many resumes lack keywords.  Many companies select candidates for hire based on keywords in a searchable database.  Check out Media Recruiter on how to get your resume noticed with keywords.
  9. Avoid listing references on your resume.  It is best to put them on a separate sheet and attach them to your resume but only if requested by the employer.  If you feel you must list your references for whatever reason, check out University Language on how to list references properly on your resume.
  10. Avoid sending your resume as an email attachment. Consider having an electronic version of your resume ready and available.  Go to on how to send an electronic resume and cover letter.

These are excellent tips and ones that should be taken into consideration especially from a professional resume writer with a Ph. D. such as Katherine Hansen.  I know that I have made at least four of these mistakes in my resume and I am always searching for ways to perfect my resume.  Another important thing to consider and ones moms can easily forget is updating your resume.  Staying on top will help you get the job you deserve.

For a more in depth look at Katherine Hansen’s list of 10 resume mistakes to avoid go to Quintessential Careers.

Do you have any resume tips or advice you can share with other moms?  What have you found to be beneficial when submitting your resume to an employer?  We look forward to your comments.

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