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Time to ditch those sweat pants, slippers, and pony tails.  I know, life of a mom right? At least when you are not working.  But now all eyes will be on on you as you are about to face the biggest interview of your life.  You definitely want to dress to impress so to speak but what exactly does that mean?  Surely, you don’t want to show up under dressed or even over dressed for that matter so what style would be the perfect job interview attire?

As I was searching for ideas on this topic I came across a wonderful article over at eHow and it’s the perfect guide for what women should wear to impress employers for their job interview. I have taken a few of their tips but also added to them from my own personal experiences. So, grab a paper and pen and take notes, you definitely don’t want to miss this, especially if you have a job interview in your future.

Tips for Dressing to Impress

  • Find out ahead of time from the possible employer what employees generally wear every day.  This will give you an idea of what you can put together from your own wardrobe. This is excellent advice!  For more excellent advice on what to wear to the office check out “Workwear Special” over at Marie Claire.
  • Is the job setting corporate or informal? If it is a job interview at a local mall you can expect a simple yet classy sweater or cardigan with dress pants.  If it is a corporate setting, consider a nice business suit or pantsuit. Don’t have a nice business suit or pantsuit?  No worries, check out Nextag.
  • If you choose to wear a skirt, it’s important to include nylons. Nothing tackier than showing up with bare legs.  You want to show and display that you are serious about the interview and the possible job. For crazed moms who will most likely snag their nylons (like myself), as they head out the door, check out eHow for a really good article on how to stop a run in nylons. Also, depending on the weather decide what type of shoes you should wear in order to impress.  Open toed?  Pumps? Loafers?
  • Okay ladies, here is something you most definitely want to avoid when trying to impress your possible boss: Do not wear anything tight, (top and bottom), avoid short skirts, low cut tops, and sandals or flip-flops.  This is a fashion disaster in the work world.
  • Make sure your interview attire is pretty much flawless like no holes or runs in the nylons, no wrinkles, stains, etc. As a mom it can be almost impossible to avoid these disasters so by my experience, hang your clothes and use a garment cover to keep them perfect.
  • Don’t overdue your hair and makeup.  Too much makeup and hair products is very tacky and a turn-off.  Also limit the amount of perfume and tone down your jewelry choices.  You don’t want to show up looking like you are trying to enter the Miss America Pageant.  Also, avoid unusual piercings like a nose ring, eyebrow ring, etc.  This will most likely cause you to not get the job.  For professional makeup tips before an interview check out Good Evening World.
  • Make sure your nails are nicely filed and neat and clean.  Use light nail polish or none at all.  Also, be sure your shoes are shiny and hems, etc. are neat and straight.
  • I have heard it said that wearing some sort of simple silk scarf with your interview outfit earns you bonus points in an interview as it is classy and very impressive.  Carrying your portfolio and resume in a nice looking briefcase doesn’t hurt as well.  It shows you are serious and dedicated to getting the position.  Don’t bother showing up with your giant leather or designer handbag.  Employers don’t care about fashion in that sense.

Obviously, you want to dress in a way that describes and shows who you are as a person, but keep it in perspective and on a professional level.   So, go gettem!  You want this job and you deserve it.  So go dress to impress!

Have any other tips to share with us?  What has your experiences been with dressing appropriately or even inappropriately for a job interview?

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  • Very important to get the right impression in place before hitting that interview. If you really want the job you show it in the way you present yourself, and employers expect it.

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