New provisions to GI Bill will give service members money for housingMany military service members are returning from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are seeking to earn a degree to move onto the next phase of their careers. As a result, schools are making a concerted effort to accommodate these individuals by offering new scholarship opportunities and online courses.

Recent changes to the Post-9/11 GI Bill, which was signed in 2009, will now allow service members who take online classes to receive a housing allowance.

Before the new provisions, service members who attended online colleges were not eligible to receive this benefit because it was deemed unfair to those who were living on campus. However, all beneficiaries will receive $673.50 per month in 2011.

“The recent changes to the GI Bill, combined with our Veterans Scholarship program, will further ease the financial stress that some of our students face, especially those who are trying to meet the needs of a family, work full-time, and pursue a college degree," said Fredrick Snow, president of the school

Since the bill's inception, more than 425,000 service members and eligible family members have received a piece of the $7.2 billion in funding from the the Department of Veteran Affairs.

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