You might think the typical college student would be a recent high school graduate, attending a 4-year college, living on campus and entering under the general studies major. But do all college students fit into this category?

Colorado Technical University (CTU) believes that everyone deserves the chance to get the education they need to improve their careers and hence, improve their lives. Their students consist of people from every cross-section of life, not just those who fit into the “typical college student” category. According to Wallace K. Pond, President and Chancellor of CTU, “Ours is also a university committed to interpersonal guidance and mentoring relationships that foster growth and fuel an ongoing desire for students to meet new challenges by building their confidence, knowledge, and skills.”

Following are three stories, recounting student experiences at CTU:

Brian Mitchell, a business professional, related his story in the Phoenix Business Journal:

“I attended Colorado Technical University in Denver, earning an MBA in healthcare management in about 22 months. As a result, I qualified for a new job with my longtime employer, GE HealthCare. It all sounds so easy. But it didn’t seem that way when I started. Just put yourself in my shoes. Imagine you’re in your 50s and, for the first time in several decades, back in college again. You’re likely older than many of the other students. In fact, you may be older than some of your professors. You’re studying weekends and evenings while working at your regular job more than 60 hours a week. And you’re doing it during a hard-hitting recession. Sound impossible? It’s not!” it was the story of my life for two years. And it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my adult life.”

Teri McKenney, a single, divorced mom, is not the traditional college student, but she’s one of 80 students who recently lined up for commencement at CTU:

“My story began in 2009. I stopped in to see how I could get a degree and set myself free. “I knew I wanted to provide better for my children and enhance my income; that was the trigger for me. I hadn’t been in school for 24 years, and when I was, that was in the era of no cell phones or computers. The first class was computer statistics. Just the title was frightening. I didn’t know what Excel was. I’ve never had a laptop in my life. I just felt if I could better my degree and increase my income, I would do that for my kids. It’s been good. It’s been good for me. The adjustment to college life was so hard I almost dropped out. But several professors helped me stay on track.”

Justus Collins, who works as a janitor at Pikes Peak Community College, recounts his story:

Collins, a victim of a stroke at birth which caused him to have cerebral palsy, is employed by Goodwill industries and says, “(My life) changed dramatically. It helps me to get out of the house and go somewhere. To be able to have a job with Goodwill, that helps a lot.” This spring, he will start courses at Colorado Technical University. “I’ve never studied science before,” Collins said. “But I’m planning to.”

CTU has made a difference in the lives of these non-traditional college students, by offering them a way to pursue the education that will help them in their chosen career fields. Additionally, you may not have to start from scratch. CTU offers potential credit towards Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees based on previous eligible coursework and eligible life and work experience.

About Colorado Technical University

CTU professors are committed to helping you succeed; personally, academically and professionally. They bring years of knowledge in the fields of business, technology, engineering, law enforcement, healthcare, visual communications, and criminal justice. And, they bring practical experience to every classroom, offering you an opportunity to absorb meaningful, relevant course material as part of a degree program that is designed to be applicable in the real world once you graduate.

Colorado Technical University offers degree programs in online and on-campus formats. Their basic philosophy is that their offerings should match the needs of their students. They offer night courses, online courses, and daytime courses.

Colorado Technical University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges. The Higher Learning Commission conducts institutional accreditation. An institutional accrediting agency evaluates an entire educational organization in terms of its mission and the agency’s standards or criteria.

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