career fair momsDefinition of Job Fair- An event for employers to meet with job seekers, especially students; also called a career fair. (

You may be thinking to yourself right about now: “How can a job fair truly benefit me?” If the truth be told, job fairs actually have an abundance of information from different companies that will allow you to submit your resume and establish contacts.  It sounds so much better than going around from place to place submitting your resume and waiting for a follow-up.  At least at a job fair you can check out what is available first.

Recently, after seeing an advertisement on the news about a local job fair I felt compelled to share with you not on the importance of a job fair (providing you are searching for a job), but the many benefits of attending a job fair. Now, I personally have never attended a job fair but I have been told that they are definitely worth your time since there are a variety of companies present for you to get information about.  Sure, this doesn’t guarantee you a job but it’s definitely worth a shot especially if you are currently unemployed and searching hi and low for a job.

What can one expect to see at a job fair?  This is an excellent question.  Here is what I have found:

According to eHow,  “A job fair enables companies, headhunters, staffing agencies, job seekers, prospective employees and career counselors to meet, engage and interact with one another.”  (ehow contributor)


You can expect to meet an actual employer in person within a job fair stall or booth.  Many employers conduct interviews on the spot with potential job offers to those who qualify. (Having an updated resume handy is of utmost importance.  Expect to make between 10-15 copies to submit to employers).  Go to the employment guide on how you can talk to potential employers.

Job Seekers

You as the job seeker get a chance to scope out all of the available companies within the job fair.  This allows you to weigh your options available to you. For example,  if you are seeking jobs in the science and engineering fields, physics today has a job fair listing available in Texas.

Headhunters/Staffing Agencies

Headhunters and Staffing Agencies expect to meet many people eager to find a job.  These particular job outlets collect quite a few resumes in the process.  When confronting headhunters and staffers there is a great article over at on 6 steps to getting a job.

Career Counselors

Career counselors can be seen at a job fair to help guide those in need of assistance.  Many college graduates usually visit a counselor to help guide them with their career choices. For more information on finding a career counselor go to Career Counselors Inc.


Networking has become a big part of the business world.  Meeting with those of the same career interests helps individuals learn from each other, etc.

What kind of questions should you ask at a job fair?

According to Randall Hansen Ph. D. over at Quintessential Careers, there are four categories of questions that any job seeker should ask a potential employer:


*Strategic Comeback Questions- Examples of some of these strategic comeback questions may sound like this:  “What skills do you look for prior to hiring?”  “If I pursued an advanced degree would this allow me to advance in your company and if so, what kind of degree?”

*Strategic Planning Questions– Examples of some strategic planning questions would something like: “How long does a hiring process within your company take?” “What percentage of employees are actually hired after an interview?”

*Key Company Information- Key company information questions could be something like: “What is the average length of time an employee stays with the company?” “Upon hiring, do you expect your employees to be willing to relocate or travel?”

*Recruiter Information- When asking a recruiter of the company questions, keep the them simple yet pithy like: “What made you want to stay with the company?”  “How long have you been with the company?”

These are excellent and very beneficial questions as mentioned by Randall Hansen Ph.D. and ones that we should definitely take note of upon attending a job fair.

A few more points and tips I would like to throw in is remember to dress to impress and have a neat and professional resume available.  You want to look like you are serious about getting a job.

Have you ever attended a job fair?  What was it like and what can we expect if we ever choose to attend a job fair?  Did you get hired from a company at the job fair?  We would love to hear from you.

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