Bring your child to work dayI am sure many of us have heard of this particular day whether it’s “Bring your son to work day” or “Bring your daughter to work day.”  I think I like the idea of “Bring your child to work day” better as it definitely prevents any sibling rivalry or jealousy amongst the bunch.

According to Chiff,  bring your child to work day is dated for April 28, 2011.  Why take your child to work anyway?  This is an excellent question.  In all honesty, I think it would be fun to bring my child to work.  Okay, I may be stretching things a little bit here right?  Well, if you think about it not only do you get to spend time with your child in a completely different setting, but they definitely get to learn something from this experience.  This particular experience embeds into their minds that careers are important which will most likely raise their curiosity and dreams of having their own career one day.  I know that it worked for me.  I remember pretending I was my dad’s secretary when he took me to work.  Though I didn’t become a secretary as my profession, it still made me think about what I wanted to be when I grew up (a teacher).

Trivia Facts

What is “Take your child to work day” about?

According to , this day allows parents to bring their child or children to work.  It is not a national holiday in America but many companies allow their employees to participate in this particular day.  Companies are not required to participate.

When does it usually take place?

Only once a year usually in mid spring (The fourth Thursday in the month of April), Like previously stated, this year’s date lands on April 28, 2011.

When did “Take your child to work day” first take place?

It started in 1993.

Who is the founder or founders of this particular day?

A non-profit organization known as the Ms. Foundation (organization worked to promote women’s issues), sponsored the very first event.

Why was this day started in the first place?

Originally, the day was called “Take your daughter to work day.” The focus of this was to help teenage girls get career experience and exposure encouraging them to achieve their career goals.

What is the official name of this event?

It is now known as “Take your child to work day.”  Many like to refer to it as “Take our daughters and sons to work day.”

Take your Child to Work Day” Statistics

According to over 25 million children participated in this event in the millennium.

Can Work-At-Home home moms participate in this event?

Children are honestly learning from you as a mom everyday.  But you can be a professional mentor showing them how important career goals are.  Let them share with you what they would like to be when they grow up.

Tips for bringing your child to work

Again, because it’s not a national holiday we can’t assume that every company will participate in this particular event so it is best to check with your employer before bring your child to work.  If your boss gives you the okay, here are a few tips from About on how to make this day near perfect.

  • Determine how long your child is going to stay at work with you.  A full day? Or half a day?
  • Be sure to plan your visit ahead of time.
  • Be sure to communicate with your child’s school that they will be absent that day to participate in “Take your child to work day.”  Many schools are happy to promote this day as it promotes future career development.
  • Talk to your child.  Let them know what you do exactly at your job, then when you arrive they will be able to see you in action and soak up everything like a sponge.

For a detailed look at these tips check out the official article at

Bring your child to work day ideas

Chiff has some brief “Bring your child to work day” ideas that you may consider, especially if they are related to your field of work.  The ideas sound fun and educational and I may try some of them with my children.  Here are some examples:

  • Science Projects- For some fun ideas on Science projects for kids go to Discover This.
  • Kids Digital Camera Projects- For an article looking at the value of kids’ digital cameras go to Chiff.
  • How To’s for teaching kids how to budget- For information on teaching kids how to budget go to the Simple Family Budget Guide.
  • A guide on how to turn a hobby into a full time career-  Check out Chiff’s hobby article on how to achieve this goal.

For more information on this annual event, go to “Take our daughters and sons to work foundation.”  I believe the site isn’t updated for this year but it gives you great ideas how you can actively participate with your son or daughter on this day.

Have you ever taken your child to work?  Would you consider taking them to work this year?  Please share your experience (if any) with us or let us know if you will be bringing your child to work on “Bring your child to work day.”

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2 comments on “Bring your child to work day spring 2011

  • I’ve always been a fan of exposing kids to “what goes on” at the place mom and dad go to during the work day. For a long time I thought my dad just went down the street for the day.

  • I never actually went to work for two reasons one my moms boss won’t let kids under the age of 18 in because she works with a sterilizer two because she works nights and well she doesn’t. My mom does let me go into the hallways and peek in the window and I get to meet her friends and sell cookies but I don’t put up a boothe I ask them. When my mom brings me to her work in the day every1 knows me. I feel like a movie star!

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