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If you are a mom and have never been to college but want to, there are so many opportunities available to you.  It is so easy to get intimidated but in all reality you can achieve your goals and dreams if you really strive for them.

You may be thinking to yourself; “Yes, I want to return to school to better myself and my career but I don’t know what area of study to pursue.“  Might I suggest considering some sort of Associate Degree in Specialized Business, Specialized Technology or even Specialized Teacher-Education.

Here are some examples of Associate’s degrees in Specialized Business, Specialized Technology, and Specialized Teacher-Education.

Specialized Business Degrees

Associate in Specialized Business: Medical Office Administration Degree– This particular degree gives you the education you need to work in a medical office, usually entry-level positions.  For more information on this particular degree go to Education-Portal.

Associate in Specialized Business: Administration Degree– This degree gives you the training and education necessary to thrive in the business world.  An example of a career in this field would be something like an Accounts Manager.  To view a complete list of careers in this specialized area of study go to Katharine Gibbs School.

Specialized Technology Degrees

Associate in Specialized Technology (e-Commerce)- Electronic Commerce is the popular way for companies to sell their goods along with online advertising.  You can earn a degree in this field mainly focusing on visual communication.  For more of a detailed description of this type of program go to Dynasty Education.

Associate in Specialized Technology Degree-Medical Assistant Technician– If you desire to pursue a career in the medical field this specialized area of study may be the way to go.  As a Medical Assistant Technician you can establish the skills necessary to work in various health care facilities.  For more information on this program go to Fortis Learning.

Specialized Teacher-Education Degree

Associate in Specialized Teacher-Education– If you desire to work with children in the areas of academics, maybe pursuing an Associate in Specialized Teacher-Education is in the cards for you.  Keep in mind to become a certified teacher in schools; you will need to move beyond an “Associate Degree” such as a “Bachelors Degree” to work effectively in a school environment.  For more information go to High Beam.

Hopefully, these brief descriptions have helped you weigh your options a little bit more helping you shift your focus in the direction that is right for you.  For more information on Specialized Education vs. General Education go to eHow for a terrific article by Chris Blank.   Here you will read that Chris breaks down the differences of both types of education in a very informative manner.

Online Schools

Now that you may be considering taking the leap onto the college bandwagon you may be wondering which online schools are the best for you.  To help get you started on your search I have compiled a brief list of schools for obtaining an Online Associate”s Degree to give you an idea of what is out there.

Florida Tech University Online

Ashford University

Kaplan University

South University

For a complete list of schools offering Associate Degree programs go to our Online Associate Degree page here on the website.

Are you a mom going to college for the first time but do not know what area of study to pursue?  Has this brief list and overview of options helped you to at least research further what you would like to do as a potential career? Please feel free to share with us your experiences as a mom going to college for the first time or considering going for the first time.  We would love to hear from you.

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