Online school approves banking training programsThe New England College of Business (NECB), which is an online school, recently announced that they have approved Edcomm Banker’s Academy’s Advance Financial Analysis, Banking Orientation and Compliance training programs.

Officials said that students will be able to use these credits to transfer into domestic and international degree programs. For instance, individuals can enroll in NECB’s bachelors and master degrees in business administration.

The banking training program includes courses in the history of the industry, retail, commercial and investment banking, compliance, mergers, as well as acquisitions and trends.

The advanced financial analysis will introduce students to balance sheets, financial statements and how to interpret repayment risk. Enrollees will cover such topics as projection, cash cycles and risk management.

Students who enter into the MBA program can earn concentrations in accounting, banking, business, finance, management and marketing.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial analysts positions are expected to see the greatest increase in employment opportunities in the banking industry over the next seven years. Furthermore, professionals in this sector can earn weekly wages or approximately $800.

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