The University of North Carolina Greensboro opens new online healthcare programThe University of North Carolina Greensboro recently announced that it will begin offering an online graduate program in health information technology that will lead to a certificate, according to the school's news site.

Officials said that the program is designed to benefit healthcare workers who wish to move into a different sector of the industry and students who seek to enter into the professionals. They added that previous information technology knowledge and experience in this field may be part of an essential skill set for effective managers of hospitals and medical centers.

"It is an opportunity to work in a sector of the economy where you make other people’s lives better," Eric Ford said, a professor of the program, quoted on the website. "The hospital never closes, so there are always jobs available."

Officials noted that the 12-credit hour certification will begin in the fall 2011 semester. Individuals have the flexibility to complete the online program in as few as 12 months.

Transfer students can apply some of the credits they have earned in their master's degree programs in business, information technology or nursing to other curricula at the school.

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