Union-specific school offers three new online programsThe National Labor College (NLC) recently announced that it will be offering three new online bachelor's degree programs geared toward union members, leaders and staff.

Officials said that they will be offering online degree programs in emergency readiness and response management, business administration, and construction management. They added that students can complete these curricula in two years for less that $10,000.

"The College is proud to add these new programs to our current offerings in labor studies and to be part of the solution to our country's current unemployment crisis," said Paula Peinovich, president of the NLC.

Officials noted that NLC students can receive college credit for work experience and apprenticeships, which can be used toward completing their degree.

The school boasts that its four-year degree in emergency readiness and response management is the only one of its kind in the U.S. Furthermore, the program is specifically designed for union members in fire services, EMS, law enforcement, public safety, homeland security. Students will study topics such as modern and domestic terrorism, as well as labor and civil liberties issues.

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