If you are a mom who owns a personal blog like myself, most likely you have come across sites like The Cutest Blog on the Block or Shabby Blogs, etc.

These sites are created by moms who have gone to school or had some sort of online training in web design then started a business to catch bloggers everywhere to indulge in their services.  Blog buttons, templates, etc., are just some of the creations you will see on these particular websites.  It’s pretty much eye candy for bloggers alike especially mom bloggers.

If you ever wondered would it would be like to start a business in this fun line of work you first need to work towards some sort of web design degree or credential in order to understand how all of this comes together.  These moms didn’t just create these websites overnight.  It took hard work and dedication on their parts to achieve their goals and successes.

You may be thinking at this point “Yes, this definitely sounds fun but me, working towards a degree in technology specifically, web design?” It may seem far fetched to you right now but the possibilities are abundant on what you can do starting your own web design business.  Let me give you an example of what you could be working towards in terms of income.

The Cutest Site on the Block, sister to The Cutest Blog on the Block is a website where they offer cute designs to start a website.  One time package fees range from $75 to $350.  This is from simple templates to supreme packages.  Not too shabby right?  The blog team most likely has obtained some sort of web design degree or credential in order to design and sell top notch services such as these.

If you are still not convinced lets take a look at Lee Lou Blogs.  Julie, Lee Lou Blogs creator,  designs desktop calendars, blog designs, blog buttons, etc.  Keep in mind a great deal of knowledge in HTML is mandatory in order to create blog items such as these.  Have you ever seen these buttons on websites and blogs?
made by Leelou

HTML codes are required to allow these images to be visible on websites and blogs.  The HTML codes includes a link to the site it originated from.

This is a very impressive line of work but don’t be discouraged just because you think you may not be technology savvy.  Reality is, if you know how to use a computer and insert HTML codes into your blogs you can take it up a notch and pursue it even further in terms of web design.

If you are considering a degree in web design so that you may start your own blog design business check out this list of online web design schools.

Top Online Web design Schools

Kaplan University

American InterContinental University

International Academy of Design and Technology

Devry University

Arizona State University

Rasmussen College

Everest University

Bryant and Stratton College

Penn Foster College

Other Training Options

If you don’t think you want to pursue a full web design degree but just want to learn enough to start a blog design business consider “Blog Design Boot Camp.”  This program offers a 10 hour intensive blog design boot camp self-study program.  Live training is also available.

Site Ground offers effective tips to help you create your very own blogging site including design.

Psdvibe.com offers you a change to create your very own modern blog layout.  This is learned through “Adobe Photoshop using basic techniques.”

Musings of a Housewife blog has a tutorial right on her site on how to design and upload your very own blog header.

For more training options go to Pro Blog Design.

Are you a mom with a blog that has seen these types of blog design sites?  Did you ever wonder what it would be like to start a  blog design business?  We would love to hear from you especially if you are a blog designer. We would love your feedback.

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  • Thanks for the post! I just recently launched my own blog after months and months of putting it off. I still haven’t gotten started on a good published schedule, but that is my next task!

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