psychologyA psychology degree is something moms should consider pursuing if they haven’t already.  Why?  I believe moms would make excellent psychologists because if you think about it that’s one of a mom’s job descriptions at home.  How so? Well, who do your children come to when they need advice or help in life situations?  That’s right, mom.  So, if you already have a psychology degree you are very fortunate because now you can even exercise your mom-pertise and expertise and really make a difference in your family’s life.

How can you apply psychology at home?  Say you possess a Child Psychology Degree or are currently taking classes towards this particular degree you know that you will be able to handle your child’s social and mental development on a deeper level.  Though a Child Psychologist commonly holds a PhD, don’t let this discourage you from working toward your goals if you desire a Child Psychology degree.

Though Psychology concentrations are very broad, they are still beneficial not only with your career but in every walks of life.  Let’s take a look at the different fields of psychology that you may be able to apply inside the home rather than just outside the home.

Fields of Psychology

Because Psychology is indeed very broad I will just list a few of them.

Abnormal Psychology– This is the study of abnormal behavior.  It is the study of abnormal behavior patterns and their causes. (Buzzle)

Animal Psychology– According to Buzzle articles, “It is believed animals react to stimuli in a trial and error manner and their responses define their behavior.”  “It is believed that animal behaviors are not intentional.”  This is great knowledge to possess if you have any pets residing in your home.  (Buzzle)

Clinical Psychology– “This is the analysis and treatment of health disorders related to psychology.”  “It deals with the clinical management of individuals with respect to their neural and psychological funcitioning.” (Buzzle)

School Psychology– This is the combination of clinical and educational psychology.  This field of study allows individuals identify and cure students with learning disabilities.  If you are a mom of a child with a learning disability this degree is very beneficial to helping your own child in the home.

Counseling Psychology– This field of study is ideal for helping individuals in their personal life and professional life.  Say your family has just experienced a tragic loss.  Your children will need comfort and security through the loss.  This field of study and degree can help you help your children.

For a complete list of Psychology fields go to Buzzle Articles.

If you are currently a mother contemplating and weighing your options of how to pursue a degree in psychology, here are some questions you need to ask yourself before getting started.  (I asked these questions myself as I completed a semester towards a degree in psychology).

Self-Examination Questions

What field of psychology do I want to pursue?

Do I want to take my courses online or on campus?

Am I willing to stay committed to my goals working towards a psychology degree?

Am I afraid of hard work, discipline, and family time management?

If you were able to answer these questions honestly and openly to yourself with a “yes” then you are on your way to bettering yourself as a person combined with helping others including your own family.

What are the best schools for pursuing a degree in psychology so that you may also apply one in the home? Here is a brief list of schools you may want to consider:

University of Phoenix

Walden University

Capella University

Grand Canyon University

South University

Ashford University

For a complete listing go to

As you can see, most likely after obtaining your psychology degree, it can play a very important role inside the home.  Sure you won’t get paid for using your degree at home but the rewards and responses of your family are far greater than any amount of money.  Basically, it’s a priceless experience for everyone involved.

Do you currently possess a degree in psychology? If so, what field? Have you found it beneficial to your family with the knowledge you possess depending on your field of study?

Maybe you don’t have a psychology degree as of yet but are considering it or are currently enrolled in a program.  Whatever category fits you we would love to hear from you.

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  • I do not have a psychology degree but would like to pursue one to help understand my children and family better.

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