College partners with company to offer high graduates free college educationVerso Paper Mill and Bay West College, which are located in Michigan, recently announced that they will enter into a partnership to a provide an associates degree, news station Fox UP reports.

Classes can be taken at the Bay West College campus at Iron Mountain and online through the Kennebec Community College in Maine. Officials told the news provider that Verso will cover all tuition costs and the students will be offered a jobs after finishing their degree. They added that between four and six enrollees will comprise the first class.

"This is something that we think is definitely moving us in the right direction," Mark Pontti, Verso communications manager, told the news source. "It is a chance to put Verso on the map as an employer that is going to make a commitment to its long term future here in this community."

This new program was introduced after the paper mill anticipated losing more than 75 employees to retirement over the next five years.

According to the 2010 Sloan Survey of Online Learning, approximately 30 percent of all college and university students now take at least one web-based course.

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