Connecticut seeks to unify online schools with state universities and community collegesConnecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy recently announced a new plan to merge the state's university and community college systems with the region's online colleges under a single governing board, The Connecticut Mirror reports.

The proposal would bring oversight of the Connecticut State University Systems' four regional universities, the 12 state-funded community colleges and Charter Oak State College under the existing Department of Higher Education. These institutions will also be part of the newly-created Board of Regents.

The proposals aim to decrease costs against the state budget and to increase enrollment at both traditional and online schools in the region. Officials added that these restructurings are becoming more popular because they can minimize wasteful spending in higher education and reorganize how students transfer from one institution to another.

"We have to push forward with these consolidations," Malloy told the news provider. "We have got to make them work. They have to lead to a creation of efficiencies."

According to a 2009 Reuters report, the online education industry grew by 17 percent. Furthermore, the sector had been growing at a rate of approximately 20 percent annually in previous years.

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