Rend Lake College seeks to upgrade its computer systemsMany schools are continuing to move classes to the online format. As a result, some colleges are upgrading their technology to make more resources available to students.

For example, Rend Lake College, which is located in Illinois, recently received the authorization to upgrade its campus-wide computer system from its Board of Trustees, Mt. Vernon Register-News reports.

Officials told the news provider that one of the problem with the existing system is that the college could not offer online enrollment, registration, payment of tuition and fees, ordering and delivery of textbooks or financial aid counseling.

"As you recall from our strategic plan, our first goal is to offer an online degree," Charley Holstein, president of the school, told the news source. "Many of the items I just listed are requirements of the Higher Learning Commission if we are going to offer an online degree."

The school is currently reviewing four different computer systems. Officials added that once they choose one, it will take between 18 and 24 months to implement.

According to a 2009 Reuters report, the online education industry grew by 17 percent. Furthermore, the sector had been growing at a rate of approximately 20 percent annually in previous years.

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