Seminary offers online course in liturgyThe Byzantine Catholic Seminary, which is located in Pennsylvania, recently announced that it will be offering an online course in liturgy.

Officials said that the new online introduction to liturgy course is designed to give individuals of faith the skills that are required to read and assess liturgical materials that are specific to Byzantine traditions.

For instance, students will cover topics such as liturgical theology, prayer, monastic, cathedral and hybrid liturgical offices as well as the historical development of church services and ceremonies. Furthermore, professors will concentrate on the importance of liturgical language, translation, traditions and recent reforms.

Students can earn a certificate after completion of the entire program, which costs $500. Enrollees interested in the curriculum will cover a broad spectrum of religious, historical and cultural traditions of Eastern Christianity. Eight online courses will be offered throughout the course of study.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 670,000 individuals were employed in the clergy field in 2008. Job opportunities are expected to grow at an average pace over the next seven years.

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