Training institute connect students and alumni to online testing tools and refresher coursesOfficials from Sanford-Brown, which is an education provider, recently announced its Community Link program.

Community Link is a membership-based suite of on-campus and online resource giving students at more than 30 schools in the U.S. web-based test preparation tools and alumni access to continuing education activities. Officials added that this program will provide enrollees with support toward obtaining long-term employment in the healthcare field.

"The healthcare industry is changing everyday and, as allied health educators, we are dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive set of tools to help them succeed both while in school and after graduation," said George Grayeb, senior vice president of the Health Education Strategic Business Unit of Career Education Corporation, which is the parent company of Sanford-Brown schools.

One component of the program involves refresher courses, which allow students to retake classes and full curricula at their convenience. Officials said that these may be helpful to alumni who are changing jobs and need to update their skills.

Furthermore, the program offers alumni continuing education units, which help them maintain certification and licensing credentials.

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