Empire State College inks a transfer agreement with Herkimer County Community CollegeEmpire State College and Herkimer County Community College (HCCC) recently announced an agreement that will allow students to seamlessly transfer from one school to the other, Herkimer Telegram reports.

The Pathways Transfer Program is geared toward supporting students transition from classroom-based instruction at HCCC to independent studies, residencies and online courses that are offered at Empire State College.

"The Pathways program increases access to high-quality higher education – meeting the needs of today’s adult learners," Alan R. Davis, president of Empire State College, told the news source. "It offers the flexibility for students to mix and match what they want to take, and where and when they take it."

As part of the agreement, HCCC students can transfer all their credits toward a bachelor's degree at the four-year institution. Furthermore, HCCC graduates may take an additional 16 credits on the HCCC campus while transitioning to upper-division courses at Empire State College.

According to the U.S. News and World Report, enrollment in online programs has increased by 832 percent over the past the past nine years.

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