Excelsior College introduces a reduction in tuition costs for service membersMany schools are gearing up to help military service members pursue a college education. In fact, some of these institutions are offering tuition assistance programs and reducing the cost of enrolling in a degree program.

For instance, Excelsior College, which is an accredited distance learning provider, recently announced a new streamlined application process and a reduction in tuition for military men and women.

College officials said that the school will decrease graduate-level tuition for Army personnel from $455 per credit to $250 beginning in March. Moreover, other branches of the armed services will be eligible in May.

"The military’s pre-college screening process provides all the necessary information to satisfy Excelsior’s application requirements, so military students can save time and start coursework earlier," said Susan Dewan, executive director of Excelsior’s Center for Military Education.

Officials added that the streamlined process applies to students who wish to enroll in the Excelsior schools of Business and Technology, Liberal Arts and Health Sciences. However, service members who wish to gain admission into the School of Nursing are still required to complete an application.

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