Indiana State University introduces its new online physician assistant studies degree programOfficials from the Indiana State University recently announced the launch of a masters degree in physician assistant studies, according to the school's website.

The program will join other healthcare-related offerings that comprise the school's catalogue of online learning offerings. Officials told the website that this course of study aims to address the demand for more professionals in this field who are needed throughout the state.

"By 2014, 30 million more people are going to access healthcare that previously did not," Randy Stevens, medical director for the school, quoted on the website. "That is going to pose a real dilemma for the medical community because the providers, particularly physicians, are in short supply."

Officials noted that the program will educate students using real-world experiences and focus on practices with enrollees and providers from other disciplines.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for physician assistants are expected to increase by 39 percent by 2018. This number translates to nearly 29,200 more jobs.

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