Articulation agreements becoming more popular between two- and four-year schoolsMany community colleges and universities are entering articulation agreements in order to allow students in high-demand fields to transfer from a two-year school to a bachelors degree-granting institution.

Under these agreements, community colleges are often able to offer the university's courses on their own campus, which allows students to stay closer to home while they take the next step in their education.

For example, Ashford University, which is an online school, recently entered an articulation agreement with Luna Community College (LCC). The New Mexico-based two-year school seeks to help students graduate from LCC with an associates degree and then seamlessly transfer to a bachelors degree program at the university.

School officials said that LCC offers programs such as nursing, business, technology, construction and law enforcement. Moreover, educators are now urging students to continue their education at Ashford after they graduate.

Officials added that the agreement allows LCC students to transfer up to 90 credits toward a bachelors degree at Ashford University.

"LCC is an educational fixture in New Mexico. With the opportunity for a four-year Ashford degree, their students can begin their advanced education locally and finish at a fine four-year school." said Mark K. Young, Ashford's director of Academic Partnerships.

HCCC and an online school agree to allow students to seamlessly transfer to bachelors degree program

In an effort to help New York students graduate with bachelors degrees, Herkimer County Community College and Empire State College, recently announced that they have reached a partnership to enable students to earn a four-year degree after graduating from HCCC's associates program, the Herkimer Telegram reports.

Officials told the news source that they have named the agreement the Pathways Transfer Program. This is designed to help HCCC students transition from classroom-based learning to the College's online format, which has a mix of independent studies and residencies.

“This agreement broadens access and opportunity for our students who want to continue their education and earn a bachelor’s degree,” Ann Murray, HCCC president, told the news source. “The Pathways Transfer Program is a wonderful program for students who need the flexibility to be able to manage their courses anytime, anywhere.”

The agreement allows HCCC students to transfer all the credits they have earned to a bachelor's degree program at Empire State College. Furthermore, graduates may take an additional 16 credits on the HCCC campus to help them transition to upper-division courses at the four-year school.

Demand for human services delivery professionals prompts transfer agreement between Georgia schools

However, other schools are targeting specific programs that are part of a articulation agreement between two institution, such as one deal between a Gainesville State College (GSC) and Georgia Perimeter College.

School officials recently inked a deal that will allow students from Georgia Perimeter College's sign language interpreting program to transfer to GSC, news station WDUN reports.

They added that the agreement will begin in the fall 2011 semester, through which participating students will earn both an associates degree from Georgia Perimeter College and a bachelors degree in human services delivery administration from GSC. The four-year program will aim to prepare students for careers with government agencies, social service providers, business and nonprofit organizations.

"This program addresses demand in the region to produce trained professionals to serve growing community needs," Jessica Ziembroski, assistant professor of sociology at GSC, told the news source. "In addition, it provides students with an excellent and affordable degree that has broad applicability in terms of career options."

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