Resuming CareerWhether you have been home raising your children for years, months, or weeks, the thought of returning to work is very disheartening since a strong bond was formed from the very beginning.  Don’t fret, you are not alone.  I have been in this boat three times and it was very difficult to go back every single time.  The tears that were shed could probably flood a single room.  It’s tough but you can do it.

Whether you are a teacher, a nurse, a pharmacist, etc., returning to work will not be easy but after a routine is established it will become more manageable.  Here are some effective mom tips that I adopted on that really seemed to help me in resuming my career after starting a family:

Tips for Resuming your Career

Practice your new routine. It’s important to keep your routine balanced and organized for this to work for you.  Consider a few practice runs and back up plans to keep everything running smoothly before you make your trip back to work.  Here is a good article about returning to work on

Rest as much as possible. Being a working mom, (Whether at home or in the workplace), is so very exhausting and can take a lot out of you.  Try to set a decent bed time to guarantee you at least a few good hours of sleep.

Make time for yourself. This was a hard one for me to learn and I think any mom currently in a career or at home can struggle with this one since we are always trying to please and take care of our family.  Plan to still get together with your friends.  Women, even moms need each other as support.  Don’t lose those friendships.

Leave personal life at home. Don’t fall to pieces in the presence of your boss.  You don’t want your boss to think you can’t handle your career anymore thus possibly losing your job.   It’s just important to keep yourself together.  Vent when you get home or to a friend.

Just hang in there. I know, this is so cliché and it drove me nuts after hearing it day after day.  But honestly, it does help to hear those words as moms definitely need to “hang in there.”  It won’t always be this hard.  In time, everything will just become second nature.

These tips may be helpful and something you can look forward to adopting but what about overcoming the constant guilt you may be battling due to having to return to work?

I dealt with guilt on a daily basis though I loved my career.  According to working moms on, if you are a mom returning to work after raising your family and you find that you are struggling with constant guilt you may need to sit down and make a list of reasons why you need to return to work.  Here are a few examples:

* I love my career

*We need the money

* Could I possibly be a miserable stay-at-home mom causing my children unhappiness?

Whatever the reasons only you can decide what is best for you and your family.  Writing down your own motivations may also help you reason with yourself what is needed as a family unit along with your career.  When you need to, pull out the list to reassure yourself of those decisions.

Avoid contact with individuals that may make you feel guilty for choosing to return to your career.  You don’t need someone pounding information in your head to cause you to feel guilty all over again.

If you need to, make it a short work week.  I did this and it helped me tremendously.  When deciding to return to work, choose the middle of the week or towards the end of the week so that you have the weekend, providing you do not work on weekends.  If this is impossible, try taking a day off shortly after returning to work.

One thing that really helped me in returning to my career after being home with my family was realizing that all moms no matter what their situation have constant challenges.  You are never alone on this journey.  If you would like to connect with other working moms check out this community on

Your career is obviously very important but being a mother is priceless.  It’s hard to find a good balance sometimes with your career and with your family but when you get organized everything will just come together.  Be encouraged.

How about you?  Do you have any tips to share with moms getting ready to return to their career after starting a family?  Maybe you are a mom needing that encouragement right now as you are about to take that giant leap back to work.  Whatever your situation we would love to hear from you.

2 comments on “Resuming your career after starting a family

  • I waited until Julia went to full day kindergarten and then got a job with the school district. I’m on her exact schedule and it is working out great! I call this the path of least resistance. It is really important to me that I still have the summers off.

  • I am winding down maternity leave for my first child, but really don’t wish to return to work now even though I thought I would. Your perspective really changes once you’re a parent. I want nothing more but to be a SAHM now, but I’ll have to return for the $.

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