Kermit was wrong. It is easy to be green – at least, it is easier to find work when you’ve got a green degree or have a specialty within a green employment field.

That’s right – alternative energy jobs are growing in record numbers, according to those familiar with this industry. That kind of growth is rare and should be noted whether you are looking to go back to school, looking for a major or seeking a job.

Yes, even the skills you have now could be revived with a “green” perspective. Are you an engineer or looking to this major? Yup, they want you. Even car manufacturers are interested in finding ways of designing alternative-energy vehicles. Obviously, if you know anything about solar, geology, hydroelectricity or wind power, you’re in. But if you’ve got a good mind for sales or marketing, the green companies want your skills to help sell and spread their message.

So, Moms, are you ready to go green? Check out what author Tom Rand has to say… Rand is one part scientist, one part venture capitalist and one part author. He recently wrote “Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit: 10 Clean Technologies to Save Our World” from Greenleaf Book Group Press. Rand also is a professional engineer and has a Doctorate from the University of Toronto.

Rand is looking at today’s job market and he’s amazed at what he sees. The government believes it will take up to five years for employment rates to recover from the recession. That’s for so-called everyday or normal jobs like we’ve been doing for generations.

But alternative-energy jobs are going through the roof – right into the solar panels on top.

“Alternative energy is the industry that can break that chain (of dependence on oil – and old-fashioned jobs) in a variety of ways,” Rand said.

“A Colorado solar energy company is expected to create 1,200 new jobs within the next couple of years thanks to a $400 million loan guaranteed through the US department of energy and another $110 million in equity financing,” Rand said. “The best thing about it is the company, Abound Solar, won’t require the new hires to have experience in alternative energy. Because the jobs are manufacturing oriented, the typical skills learned in traditional manufacturing jobs are transferrable to the new initiative. And it’s not just manufacturing, these technologies need to be installed. We’re rebuilding an energy infrastructure, and that takes the trades – all the trades and lots of them.”

What is nice is that the U.S. Government is making some of this work possible. One industry – wind power – got lots of help in recent years from a new tax credit. Some estimate it will increase how much people install wind projects by as much as 50 percent.

“A national Renewable Electricity Standard policy was before Congress last year, but it didn’t pass,” Rand explained. “If Congress succeeds in passing it this year, it would solidify the wind energy market enough that it could create several hundred thousand jobs as a result.”

And it’s not just happening in one or two states. It’s a nationwide trend.

“Meanwhile in Florida, the renewable energy industry is hoping the legislature will pass a $1 consumer fee that would generate 95,000 new alternative energy jobs in that state,” Rand said. “The bottom line is that the new energy jobs aren’t a myth — they are out there, and not only can they put America back to work, but they can also secure our energy independence for generations to come. It’s just smart business for America.”

So does this sound appealing? I’m thinking alternative energy is a great way to go. It’s good for you, it’s good for your families and it is good for future generations. A pretty nice mix of good stuff.

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