Students earns scholarship to attend online schoolMany colleges are designing scholarship programs for service members as a thanks for serving the U.S. These are also to give veterans an opportunity to earn a degree outside their military training. These grants often extend to a dependent, who can get a leg up on their postsecondary education and leave the institution without any debt.

For instance, the Air Force Association recently teamed up with Grantham University, which is an online school, to offer a scholarship to a dependent of an Air Force Duty Airman.

Officials said that the scholarship is valued at $36,000, which covers tuition costs, textbooks, software, fees and shipping of the course materials. Mike Casem, the scholarship recipient, revealed that he will use the assistance to pursue a degree in computer science. Both of his parents served in the Arizona Air National Guard.

"Like so many of our working adult students, Mike knows that a college degree will open doors in his career field," said John LaNear, president of Grantham University. "Education is important to him, and Grantham University is excited at the opportunity to make a difference in his life."

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