Connecticut university system creates nursing programs to address the need for more local professionalsThe nursing profession is seeing great strides in more education programs being offered in this field. New students and individuals who are working in the industry have more options when choosing the school from which they will earn a degree.

Officials from the Connecticut State University System (CSUS) recently announced that it awarded more bachelor’s degrees in nursing that any other higher education institution in the state, Shoreline Plus reports.

They added that CSUS awarded nearly 27 percent of all nursing degrees in Connecticut in 2010. Many of the programs offered are administered in the online format, which allows working professionals to update their credentials without sacrificing their employment.

For instance, Western and Southern Connecticut Universities recently teamed up to offer a doctoral degree in nursing education. Officials told the news source that the school have partnered the healthcare program with the master’s of education curriculum to give students an unique experience, while providing them a degree program for an in-demand field.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for postsecondary teachers, as a whole, are expected to increased by 15 percent over the next seven years.

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