Spring forwardWith spring just a few weeks away, not only will many of us be springing forward our clocks, but maybe you as a mom is considering springing forward in your education.

Whether you will be entering college for the very first time or returning after a long break, the decision to return can weigh on you heavily since there is indeed so much to consider.  Things like; “Can I afford to go back to school?”  “Do I have time to devote myself to my studies?”  “Will I have time for my family, etc?”  The list can go on and on depending on your situation.  I know that as a mom I have been contemplating my return for some time and have been asking myself these questions over and over again.  Even if the decision to enroll in college this next semester may be a challenging thought for you, it can be done.   Maybe the final decision to enroll will cause you to have a little “spring” in your step helping you continue to move forward with your education goals.  This is a nice positive outlook right?

If you do decide to spring forward in your education so to speak for this upcoming spring semester, here are a few ideas to help you get organized before taking that giant leap forward.  Might I suggest taking notes and posting it somewhere where you will be able to see it on a daily basis as a source of motivation. 

Spring Semester

  • Enroll for the spring semester ASAP.  Don’t wait until the last second. Classes tend to fill up quickly.  So as soon as registration for the spring semester is available, spring forward into action.
  • Purchase your books early.  Don’t wait until the last minute.  Just like classes, textbooks can be purchased very quickly.  You don’t want to start your spring semester unprepared.  If you want to look for deals on textbooks, campusbooks.com may be able to help you out.   
  • Write down your goals for the spring semester.  An example of this would be organizing your time for studies at home, etc.  This may be easier to do if you are taking your courses online versus on-campus learning. Read “5 tips to Starting the Spring Semester off right”on fau.edu. 
  • Get organized before the spring semester even starts.  Make sure you purchase things like folders and binders to keep all your important documents together such as syllabuses, exam dates, etc.
  • Be prepared to stay focused.  Losing your focus even before the spring semester begins is a recipe for disaster.  You may start the semester off on the wrong foot with yourself and maybe even your professor.  If you know you want to do this then go forward with gusto and don’t look back.  If you are hesitant in the least, might I consider re-evaluating your decision and waiting until fall 2011 to start fresh.
  • Take a strong interest in the class or classes you will be taking if you will be taking spring classes.  If you go in with the mind set that you are already interested then the classes will become more appealing and you will be motivated to achieve your goals for that particular class or classes.

If you are a mom, it’s a good idea to create some sort of visual outline for yourself so that you may establish a routine while you take spring semester classes.  To make it easier on yourself maybe consider taking only one course for the semester to alleviate any anxiety or stress.  This way you only have to focus on one course.  This may help with keeping you organized not just in school but with family obligations as well. 

If you are taking classes this spring semester and you are a mom, we would like to hear from you.  Please share any advice or tips you may have with other moms considering springing forward with their education.

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