BudgetOkay moms, close your eyes if you will and imagine for a moment that you are lying on a beach somewhere with just the sound of the waves, a good book, and some sort of tropical drink in hand.  Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Sorry to burst your bubble, but we as moms know that this is not reality at this present time as in our world, we are constantly balancing our family, work, and school schedules etc., and of course the family budget.   Though schools and colleges will be closing their doors during this time frame, you may take a look at your budget and realize that you and your family just can’t take lavish and exciting vacations like others who may have that opportunity. 

I know that for my family, (currently on a strict budget), we are always searching for fun yet inexpensive things to do with our family.  With spring break around the corner I have been researching ideas in order to plan for a fun and eventful spring break.  Here are some budget-friendly ideas as seen on couponmountain.com that you may consider doing with your family.    Mind you, some of these ideas may not sound very exciting but it’s all in how you make it.

Spring Break on a Budget

Family projects are always admirable.  I know, you may hear whines and groans as you propose something be done around the house, but this is a way to strengthen a family bond.  It can be a lot of fun too, you’d be surprised.  Consider painting the house, cleaning out the basement or garage, landscaping, etc.

Have each family member find things to donate.  Donating to others less fortunate is so rewarding and everyone will feel better about themselves.  And hey, your house will be cleaner and clutter-free.  Well, one can only hope right?

Allow everyone to re-decorate their room.  You can get creative by making a trip to the craft store and brainstorm some really fun ideas. You can get some decorating tips on the homeandfamilynetwork.com.

Take a family camping trip.  These are fun trips that definitely won’t break the bank.  You can find some very beneficial family planning tips on the familyfunshopt.com.

Visit family out of state.  If you are lucky enough to have family members living in warmer climates, maybe consider calling them and planning a visit for a few days.  Free room and board is always nice.  You may only have to budget for an airline flight and food.  If flying is not an option consider driving though you will have to budget for gas.  Interested in saving money for your road trip? go check out the top 5 money saving road trip tips on About.com. 

 If you are on a very tight budget consider planning fun activities per day or evening during spring break.  Maybe one night you could do a family skate night, then another night do a family bowling night, have a game night, a movie night, etc.  The ideas are endless what you can do with your family over spring break, especially with not a lot of money.  These are great alternatives especially if you still have to work while everyone else is home.

Family recreation centers, picnics in the park, children’s museums, the zoo, are just a few other ideas to help spark some ideas for planning spring break with your family.

How about you? What are your plans for spring break?  Do you have any fun family-friendly ideas for families on a budget?  Please feel free so share with us.

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