Elms College offers specializations in its business programElms College recently announced that it will offer a master's degree program in business administration beginning next fall, The Republican reports.

Officials told the news source that the program will be delivered in an hybrid format, which will consist of a professor conducting lectures in-person one week and requiring enrollees to finish online assignments the second week.

Students in the program can specialize in accounting or healthcare, which require them to finish 30 and 36 hours, respectively. Officials added that a third curriculum that focuses on management is also being introduced.

In each program, students will take the same five core classes such as managerial finance and leadership as well as current events and their impact on the economy. Furthermore, learners will complete classes related to their specialization(comma) such as budgeting in healthcare.

Officials added that the cost will be $650 for each credit, which is average among colleges in western Massachusetts.

According to a Reuters report, the online education industry grew by 17 percent in 2009. Furthermore, nearly 25 percent of U.S. students currently take at least some web-based courses.

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