Purdue University plans to expand their online degree offeringsPurdue University, which is located in Indiana, recently announced that it will expand its distance learning program beginning next fall, Valpo Life reports.

Officials told the news source the student enrollments in online learning classes were estimated at about 8,200 during the 2009-2010 academic year. They added that 35 percent of students in web-based courses originated on the Purdue campus.

"Our goal is by 2012-13 to create capacity for 10,000 enrollments in online courses for Purdue West Lafayette students," Mark Pagano, dean of Continuing Education and Conferences. "We want at least 60 percent of those enrollments in courses originating at Purdue."

The school recently opened a new distance learning center, which includes a state-of-the-art testing location for Purdue students who are taking Indiana College Network courses. Officials added that they hope 40 percent of the state's classes will be available online through partner institutions in network's consortium.

According to a recent Babson-Sloan report, more than 25 percent of college students are enrolled in at least one online course. Furthermore, most higher education institutions believe that increasing web-based programs is critical for their long-term success.

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