School shows record enrollment in nursing and online programsCampbellsville University recently announced that it has reached record enrollment for the spring 2011 semester.

Officials said that total enrollment at the school has reached 3,074 students, which shows an increase from 2,935 in last year's spring semester. The university now has 2,570 undergraduate and 504 graduate degree seekers.

Total enrollment in the school's online programs increased from 226 students in spring 2010 to 281 who are now attending web-based classes. The nursing program experienced the biggest increase among departments, going from 61 students to 83 for the spring 2011 semester.

Enrollment in the online master's degree in business administration also increased from 40 students to 61 studying in the current semester.

"Superior education, quality student life experiences and a highly qualified and dedicated administration, faculty and staff all brought together in a Christ-centered environment equals satisfied students," said Michael V. Carter, president of the school.

According to the Sloan Survey for Online Learning, web-based enrollment numbers increased by an estimated 1 million students in 2009.

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