Spring BreakSoon it will be time to tuck away those books whether they are your own college books or your children’s school books, either ones it doesn’t matter, it’s time for a week of R&R, well the best kind a mom can get right?

 Maybe you are now all saved up and ready to head somewhere fun with your family after sticking to a strict budget.  But where do you go?  Check out these top destinations now trending for spring break 2011.  Maybe this will help you and your family decide where to take that much needed break all the while being very educational.

Top Educational Family Destinations

  1. Jamaica, Caribbean– Jamaica is known for its hiking, bicycling, Milk River spa, beaches, snorkeling and caves.
  2. Miami South Beach, Florida-. South Beach is known for the night life and dining though there are many educational spots for you and your family to enjoy which I will mention briefly later on in the post.
  3. Amelia Island, Florida– Amelia Island is known as the commercial resort area.
  4. Cancun, Mexico– Cancun is known as one of the largest tourist destinations.
  5. Mediterranean– The Mediterranean is known for its family cruises.

Out of these five top picks, which one would you consider taking with your family?  Check out educational hot spots in each destination.

Educational hot spots of Jamaica

Kingston-Visit the Devon House Heritage which is always bustling with activities and events.  Also visit the coffee plantation which is two centuries old.  You can find more information on Kingston on Wikipedia.com

Negril Beach-This beach is as white as sugar and is 7 miles long.  You can find more information on Negril Beach on About.com.

Dunn’s River Falls-Visit this 600 foot waterfall with an experienced guide.  Sounds so beautiful and tranquil doesn’t it?  You can find more information on Dunn’s River Falls on Dunnsriverja.com.  

Montego Bay-Families from all around enjoy the Montego Bay Marine Park where you can enjoy beautiful marine life.  You can find more information on Montego Bay on Wikipedia.com.  

Ocho Rios-Take a bus tour of the villages.  You can find more information on Ocho Rios on geographia.com.

Educational hot spots of South Beach Florida

  • Scully’s Family Interactive Center– There are creative craft activities for kids to enjoy within this establishment.
  • Captiva Cruises Family Excursions (North Pointe) – The cruise includes a Dolphin and wildlife adventure.
  • Self-guided boat excursions (South Village) – Many families bring along picnic lunches on this excursion.

Educational hot spots of Amelia Island, Florida

  • Shark tooth and Shell hunting 
  • Amelia Island is home to the historic Civil War Fort which is a wonderful place to explore with your family.

Educational hot spots of Cancun, Mexico

  • Tours– From the Mayan Riviera to Reo Secreto you can expect to explore caverns and caves and underground lakes and rivers.
  • Water Sports– You can go sport fishing, sailing or go on a sailboat tour. 

Educational hot spots of the Mediterranean

  • From sailing festivals to the Travel Market, there are an abundance of events and activities to participate in the Mediterranean.
  • You can also expect to enjoy and explore castles, museums, vineyards and much more on your family visit to the Mediterranean.

 All of these destinations may sound grand to you but it’s just something you cannot afford this year.  If this is you and your family, try these educational spring break activities instead.  These also work great especially if you do not get time off of work.

Local educational spring break activities as seen on Associated Content:

  • Family picnic
  • Nature hike
  • Family road trip
  • Family trip to the library
  • Go to a sports game
  • If you live near a beach in warm climates, consider a family beach day.
  • Family trip to the zoo 

These are just a few ideas of the many you can do as a family on your spring break off from school.

I would love to hear from you. What are your plans for spring break this year?  Will you and your family be heading somewhere tropical or will you be doing something more local with your family?

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