spring cleaningIf you are anything like me, you probably started making plans to spring clean your house or maybe you have already completed this daunting task.  It’s definitely not a very exciting chore but in the end your house feels lighter and your family can breathe easier.  Ever considered spring cleaning for the mind?  I know that we as moms may need it after experiencing cabin fever and having the children cooped up day in and day out.  This can be depending where you live too.  I live where the winters can tend to be harsh so you can probably imagine my days home with the kids.  Or, maybe your mind is just on overload from work, school, and all the daily duties that life demands.  Whatever the circumstance I am sure we can all relate in some way.

Now it’s time to get renewed thinking where our minds can feel lighter and we can rest easier in the days ahead.  With everything that’s going on in our lives this sounds like the perfect remedy doesn’t it?  How does one actually attempt  to “spring clean” the mind so to speak?  This is an excellent question and one that can be answered.  You may be surprised at these findings and you may not.  I found this information to be a true revelation for how to handle my thinking processes.  This can also apply to your learning as well.

Dr. Carolyn Leaf “has researched the human brain with particular emphasis on unlocking its vast, untapped potential.”  Sounds good so far right?  Continue reading.

According to Dr. Leaf did you know that the average person has over 30,000 thoughts a day?  Wow!  We as individuals are in control of our thinking on a daily basis.  So basically, what we think is what we become.  Kind of like the saying “You are what you eat.”  Since winter can become so cold (depending on where you live) and depressing it can become easy to get our minds stuck in the gutter.  Figuratively speaking it can become clouded and dusty just like a house needing to be cleaned.  How do we keep our minds clear?   Dr. Leaf says “By looking at your mental processes.”  Check out this short list of ways this can be done as seen on drleaf.com.   

Mental processes

  • How often do you find yourself saying or even just thinking would have, could have, should have” throughout an entire day?   Probably many of us deal with these statements more than we think.
  • Count the times per day that you say “if only this or if only that.”  If we aren’t happy or content with where we are at in life, unfortunately this can become our life motto and it’s not really a good motto to have.
  • Do you find yourself constantly replaying in your mind a difficult conversation with someone or maybe you are worrying about one that is about to take place?  This one is a struggle for me as I think it can be for many moms.  We tend to take things to heart for too long allowing it to overtake our thought processes.
  • Do you constantly create multiple scenarios for your life, particularly your future?  I think this one is a no brainer to answer since we always want the best for our future.
  • Do you let speculation overtake your day? 
  • Do you have a passive mind?
  • Are you all talk but no action, or saying one thing but really meaning another?
  • Do you speak negatively about things like calling out diseases and sicknesses on yourself?   Yes, let’s be careful of what we say regarding sicknesses.  We don’t want to make ourselves sick by fearing a sickness or disease we don’t even have.
  • Are you the type of person that lives in a self-pity party like saying “nothing ever goes right for me,” or “I always mess everything up, I am a failure?”  We as moms can relate with self-pity parties I am sure.

To read the how to bring all of your thoughts into captivity you can also check out these four techniques involved on drleaf.com.

It is my hope as an individual, wife, mom, and educator to learn to change my thought processes as I know that you may want to change yours as well.   If you “think” about it, it is so much easier to think negatively at times since that is human nature but we don’t have to live like that.  This also applies to everything we come in contact with as well.  Let me explain it in my own simple “mom” terms.

Say you are studying for a big college exam.  The information you obtain seems to stay put therefore allowing you to remember that which you studied which actually allows you to apply it to the test.  This of course is a very good thing.  We want this to happen.  But it can also apply to negative reading or even pictures so we have to be careful what we put into our minds.  How about movies?  Say you watch a movie that tends to be on the violent side.  Shortly after the movie is over your mind may play traumatizing scenes over and over again causing nightmares or maybe choosing  to watch an extremely depressing movie may cause you  to feel depressed the rest of the day.  Why do we choose to do things that can have a negative impact on our minds?  Makes sense doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, it’s the world we live in where even being melancholy is trendy and many don’t even realize it.

So okay moms, let’s make it a goal to spring clean our minds to better ourselves and be happier so that our family is happier too.  What’s that saying “If momma’s not happy, no one is happy?”  I think that there is a whole lot of truth in that.

What do you think of these processes and how we can keep our minds clear of the negative?  Do you think this will help you with your mental processes?  Please share your thoughts with us.

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