New online training center begins certification programThe Semsphere Online Training Center recently announced that it will offer the semantic technology certification program.

Officials told the news source that the online training center is designed to support fast and efficient learning. Furthermore, they also offer training methods such as distance learning and self-learning to support trainees in finding a fit for their personal schedule.

"We developed products for everyone who wants to become a certified Semantic Technologist," said Alexander Wahler, co-founder of the training center. "It is part of our vision to offer trainings to everyone regardless of where they are and how they want to train and certify."

The first step in the certification program is to pass the Semantic Technology Specialist certification examination. Those who have obtained this credential are entitled to attend a semantic technology professional course on- or offline.

Officials added that the distance learning program is ideal for students who cannot attend an on-campus course but wish to participate in training toward a recognized qualification.

According to a Reuters report, the online education industry grew by 17 percent in 2009. Furthermore, nearly 25 percent of U.S. students currently take at least some web-based courses.

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