TextbooksAs  a mom in school you know that one of the many financial burdens of college is textbooks.  From new to used it can still become pretty pricy.  What if I told you there is a way to save big bucks if you ordered your textbooks through Amazon Student?

Now that I have your undivided attention here are some great benefits to purchasing your spring semester books on Amazon Student:

Amazon Student Benefits

  • Save 90 percent on used textbooks
  • Save 30 percent on new textbooks
  • You’ll love this one, get up to 60 percent back when you sell your textbooks back on Amazon.com.  

Doesn’t this sound fantastic?  Who wouldn’t want to take the time to go through Amazon to purchase their spring semester textbooks or any semester textbooks for that matter?

The other fantastic benefit to using “Amazon Student“, is you get free two day shipping for one year with “Amazon prime shopping benefits and exclusive offers via-email.”  There is absolutely no cost to sign up.  The only information you have to provide before becoming a member of “Amazon Student” is your school, major, and .edu address if applicable.

I am betting by now that you are sold to this idea as I am excited that Amazon offers such an opportunity.  If you are a mom this probably sounds beyond exciting since what mom doesn’t want to save money for their college education; especially while raising a family?

At this point you may be asking yourself; “does Amazon literally sell any textbook that I may need?”  I asked myself this exact same question and honestly so far what I have seen, they have a wide variety of textbooks ranging from Accounting to Visual Arts.  They also sell test prep and study guides. 

Amazon Student makes it easy for college students to search for any textbook they may need whether starting fall semester, winter semester, spring semester, or summer semester.  The Amazon Student page contains three search links:

Search Links 

  1. Allows you to enter the title of the textbook.
  2. Allows you to enter the name of the author.
  3. Allows you to enter the ISBN.

What exactly is an ISBN?  It stands for “International Standard Book Number.”  The ISBN can be used to search for all the books you may need all at once. You can read more information about ISBN on Wikipedia.org.

Pretty nifty!  I like how Amazon Student makes everything so accessible and simple for anyone to search for the textbook they may be needing for spring semester.

If you find that after a year you truly enjoy “Amazon Student” and all of the benefits, you can choose to do shipping upgrades.  One-day shipping for $3.99 an item.  That’s not too shabby and I think that any mom in school would jump on this money saving opportunity. 

How about you?  Did you know that Amazon had this program for college students?  Would you consider using Amazon Student now that you know of the benefits?  We would love to read your comments on the subject.

* If you would like to take advantage of saving money on your textbooks but you are still searching for the right online school, check out the featured schools on classesandcareers.com.  

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