College students can’t find gainful employment. This astounding news came from the U.S. Department of Labor. Their recent survey revealed that as much as 80% of college graduates do not have jobs upon graduation. Of the students that are finding jobs, 60% of them are working in careers that have little or nothing to do with their degree.
One of the reasons why may be that college grads do not have the job seeking skills required. While colleges and universities are putting emphasis on class work, there is no motivation given for students to seek out job searching skills. College campuses offer career advice at their career centers. However, these services are offered on a voluntary basis and most students either don’t have the time or the ambition to seek them out. Recent studies revealed that career centers are understaffed and under budgeted. But, to be fair, only about 30% of college students bother to seek out these services, anyway.
Researchers have targeted several areas in which today’s grads are lagging behind their elders (in the area of job hunting skills). Students about to graduate do not invest enough time in the job search process. They often rely on just a few job leads. Relying on just a few leads leaves them empty handed if they all fall through. There is too much dependence on electronic communication methods (email, texting, etc.). Studies have found that students are lacking the skills to communicate face-to-face.
In an effort to combat joblessness among graduates, many colleges have teamed up with Talent Marks to offer a webinar series on job hunting techniques. This webinar is free to actively enrolled students. The series offers a variety of speakers on the subjects of: career planning, networking, using Tritter as a way to find a job, and communication techniques.
The lecture series boasts a panel of industry experts. Richard Boller starts the series off with a lecture about job hunting. Boller is the author of What Color Is Your Parachute . This bestselling book has become the standard in the area of figuring out what type of career field one should choose. Kathleen Barton will be discussing techniques for organization and time management. Her list of clients include many of the greats: M&M/Mars, Pepsi Co and Yahoo! Inc. Susan Whitcomb will be discussing ways to use Twitter as a resource during a job hunt. She has worked with and American Online. Dr. Mark Goulston will be lecturing about communication skills. Dr. Goulston is a licensed clinical psychiatrist and a retired FBI hostage negotiator.
Currently enrolled college students who are interested in the webinar series can get more information at their school’s career development center.

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