Spring conjures up thoughts of warmer weather, spring fever and spring cleaning. It’s a time when we pull back the blinds, venture out of our houses and start working in the garden. But for the college student, spring is the time for evaluation and preparation. During the spring semester, students should evaluate their progress thus far and begin to make preparations for the summer and fall.

Summer internships

Spring is the time to start pursuing internship opportunities for the summer. For example, a future graphic designer might look for an internship at a printing company or an advertising agency. Or those pursuing a career in finance might get a summer job working with a local investment firm or stock brokerage. Company websites are always a good place to begin; many of them list internship availability on their home pages. An excellent resource is CollegeMonster.com, a site geared toward college students, posting paid internships. You can also find an extensive list of internships at Internship.com. Don’t forget to check on Twitter for internships as well. A great resource for internships on Twitter is the Intern Queen. She posts daily internship openings and also gives you tips on how to land one. Even Charlie Sheen jumped into the ring by posting for an internship. His posting got over 1 million responses that will be sifted through and narrowed down to 50 that will get an actual interview.

Summer classes

Start thinking about summer classes during your spring semester. If you take community college classes during the summer you can cut your college costs dramatically. Traditionally classes at community college are much less expensive; and since you will most likely be home for the summer, this provides a perfect option. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also move ahead in your degree plan and enter the fall semester with one or two classes to add to your completed degree requirements. Just make sure before you enroll in any classes that your college will accept the credit. Many colleges are also offering online degree programs to supplement the traditional on-campus classes. Enrolling in one of these programs affiliated with the college you are attending would guarantee acceptance of the credit.

Evaluate your degree plan and your major

You might have chosen a major based on what your current interests were at the time; or you might still be undeclared. Either way, spring semester is the perfect time to evaluate your degree plan and your current major. If you are unhappy with the classes you have taken related to your current path, look at the courses offered in the fall and take some that interest you. A majority of students in all colleges and universities change their major at least once in their college careers; and many change their major several times over the course of their college career. If you still are unsure about the perfect career path, don’t panic. If you approach the quest logically and evaluate the course you are currently on, you can make the appropriate changes in time and set your degree plan for the right career.

Plan for the fall

You typically register for fall classes during your spring semester of college. Look at your college course catalog; and talk to current students and the professors about the courses you are interested in. Check professor ratings to read what other students are saying about the professors and view their overall teaching styles and course curriculum. Choose your courses wisely, allowing for the required courses and for some electives as well.

If you have spring fever, rest assured it happens to all of us. But you can take control of that unsettled feeling by setting some goals and planning for your future. Spring is a time of new beginnings. Seize the day, evaluate your college plan, and make the appropriate course corrections or changes.

Have you used any of the internship resources in the past? How did you choose your college major?

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