Arizona-based school begins program to help community college students transfer into a four-year curriculumArizona State University (ASU) recently announced that it will partner with local community colleges to help students easily transfer from one school to the other, according to ASU's news site.

The ASU Pathways Program is designed to help students who graduate from two-year schools gain automatic admittance into the four-year institution upon completion of a prescribed sequence of courses. Officials told the news site that this is part of an overall goal to double the number of bachelor's degrees in the state, which will use online learning to help achieve this objective.

"The counselors and professors were very helpful with any questions I had and also encouraged me to get involved in things such as the ASU honors college," Alesha Pinet, students in the ASU Pathways Program, told the news source. "The best thing about ASU is the one-on-one learning with a professor in the lab."

Officials added that students benefit by taking only courses that apply to their major, which speeds up degree completion and reduces tuition costs.

According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, nearly 44 percent of all U.S. undergraduate students are enrolled at community colleges.

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