Most college students have spring break on the mind right now. But once you return from your much deserved and much anticipated break, you should do some much needed spring cleaning. Before you begin the last few weeks of college and head into the summer, think about how you can eliminate waste, spruce up your surroundings, and even make some cash in the process. Following are 10 spring cleaning tips that will give you that fresh start.

1. Evaluate your spending

Spring is a good time to evaluate your spending. This means you should take a look at your budget and determine where the bulk of your money is being spent. If you haven’t made a budget, there’s no time like the present to begin. A good way to stretch your budget is to use your student discounts, both locally and online. Use your meal plan, especially since you have paid for it, and eat out less.

2. Sell old textbooks

Go through your textbooks and determine which ones you want to keep and which ones you will never use again. You can sell those books and recoup some of the cost, while freeing up some space on your bookshelf. This one simple task might give a boost to your budget as well.

3. Rearrange your dorm room

Nothing says spring like rearranging furniture; your dorm room is no exception. Moving your bed to another location or facing your desk to look out the window could result in a change in your outlook. Put your bed on risers and use the space underneath for storage.

4. Recycle used items

While you are rearranging the room, put your recyclable items together: cans, bottle, old magazines and papers. There is no better way to spring clean than to recycle those used items. If your college doesn’t recycle, deposit those items at a recycle station. Consider organizing a student recycling team like the students at Roanoke College..

5. Get rid of those clothes you never wear

Go through your closet and drawers and pull out those ten pairs of jeans you never wear, or the 20 t-shirts that are taking up space in your drawer. If you have some items that are in good shape, take them to a consignment shop and sell them. Take the items that remain and donate them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

6. Spruce up your online image

Since you will be searching for internships and perhaps working during the summer, spring is the time to spruce up your online image. Take down those embarrassing photos on Facebook; and tweak your privacy settings. Do a Google search of your name; corrent or clean up anything that could be creating a negative impression. Update your LinkedIn account and network with other college students at your school and business professionals in your field of study.

7. Clean your computer

Odds are it’s been awhile since you did some cleaning on your computer. This includes: archiving old files; deleting stale bookmarks and organizing working ones for easy access; organizing your communications and contacts; and making sure your data is protected from viruses and spyware. While you’re at it, physically clean your computer. Dust particles can interfere with the computer’s efficient operation.

8. Update your college resume

If you have been a wise college student, you have been building your resume. Spring is the time to update it and get it ready for the summer job hunt. Be sure to add any organizations you have joined, as well as any volunteer activities you have done while in college. If you have worked, add your current employment as well. Be sure to check your grammar and spelling. Take it to the career center and ask someone to proof it for you.

9. Clear your mind

Throw out those negative thoughts and let go of  past mistakes. Start replacing those thoughts that drag you down with positive plans for the future. Once you clear your mind, you will be able to focus and achieve your short term and long term goals.

10. Freshen your iPod content

You are probably tired of listening to the same old things over and over again. It’s time to get rid of those Christmas songs and organize your playlists with songs that motivate and energize you. Consider adding some podcasts to listen to while walking or exercising to expand your mind and broaden your knowledge.

These ten tips will help you get off to a fresh start after your spring break and begin the rest of your semester with a clean slate. Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite spring cleaning tip.

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