Business OpportunitiesIn a recent post I talked about work at home options for moms here on  Now, I would like to talk about business opportunities for moms.  You may be asking yourself; “what’s the difference, right?”  Well, work at home options such as telecommuting, allows you to work for companies without any financial investments.  You apply for the position just like any other job in the work force and wait for an email or a phone call to set up an interview.  Starting a business requires financial investments which eventually may allow you to work from home.

I recently started my own work from home business (online business) and it’s definitely different than applying for work from home positions.  (Remember, both of these options do not come easy and may require a degree, credentials, experience, etc., or the investment of time and money if you desire to start a business). If you currently have a job and would like to start a business, definitely don’t quit your job until it shows success.  There are no guarantees with businesses built from the ground up.  If you are business-minded then this opportunity is definitely for you and worth giving a shot.

Before I compile a brief list of business opportunities, there is something you should know.   The work at home mom site warns all of their readers that not all opportunities received are legitimate so it’s important to research all business opportunities through the  Better Business Bureau or the work at home mom Forum.  Unfortunately, there are scams out there so it’s important to be careful before moving forward with these opportunities.

Business Opportunities for Moms

  • Lia Sophia– Do you dream of jewelry?  This line of jewelry is worth the business opportunity available to you.  You can view the business opportunity on
  • Scentsy Independent Consultant– Do you want to become part of a new candle revolution?  Scentsy offers you the opportunity to become a consultant of wickless candles.  These are perfect and safe to use around kids and a mother’s dream when it comes to candles and children. You can view the business application on
  • Baby Planner– According to Fox News this is a fast growing business amongst mothers alike.
  • Herbal Life Independent Distributor and Wellness Coach-If you love people and health and wellness, this business opportunity may be what you are looking for.
  • Staying Home and Loving It– This business allows you to work in the total wellness field.
  • Proactiv Partner– Are you a fan of Proactiv skin care?  You can become an independent consultant for the doctors of Proactiv.

You can view a complete list of business opportunities and how you can get started on

FYI: The consultant businesses are worth looking into.  The money you make in the beginning may not be enough for you to stay at home right away but if you are currently in school the money you do earn can potentially cut down on those college costs like for say, textbooks!

Moms wanting to start a business should be aware of  websites that advertise that you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in one day just from starting their business. This is most likely a scam because you may have to fork out hundreds or thousands of your own dollars just to get started.  It’s very important to do your research like stated in the beginning of the post so that you’re not watching your own money go down the drain.

Are you an entrepreneur minded mom?  Would you love to start your own business? Or, maybe you are currently in the process of starting your own business.  Whatever your situation, please feel free to share with us any tips, advice, or success stories that may be relevant.

8 comments on “Work at home business opportunities for moms

  • Ha! The trick is finding the capital. I need to start a business from scratch. I think the commonality for WAHM solutions is that they are linked to family life in some way and are built on relationships. Great article.

  • Great Article, I’ve been with my Direct Sales Company for 9 of their 11 years, and love the fact that I can work my business harder when I have something special I need to get, or that unexpected bill I need to get paid.

    But then when life gets in the way, which it does, I can slow the pace down.

    I do suggest that you research the companies that you consider, to make sure that the Consultant Requirements are something that matches what you believe you’re able to do and follow. They can vary so much from Company to Company. The company I represent was just mentioned in the Web edition of Women’s Day Magazine.

  • Hey moms listen up, there’s some great information in that article. I’ve been working from home for some time now and high five to Lindsey Claire for such an honest effort. Keep up the great work. Good luck to all the moms out there.

  • For any moms looking to get started with their own business this is a great article. To all moms stay strong, read and learn from articles like this one and go for your dreams.

  • Work from home opportunities are much harder to find here in the UK. If you weed out the ‘slave labour’ operations like envelope stuffing then for most mums the only options are direct selling in the evenings. Many of them generate very little income but they do have the advantage that they fit in well with family life. For most people you only get out what you put in and to make any decent money you need to work.

  • great article soo where do u work?? i am looking 4 some spanish classes because i really would like to get to know some other languges i tryed to get in some in school but that didnt work out to great. lol so if u know an online spanish classes let me know please??? thanks hun!!!

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